OCS Gateway 2009

OCS Gateway 2009

Office Communication Gateway - Gateway for the OCS to any PBX

The Telesnap OCS Gateway is the interface between the Microsoft OCS Communicator and any PBX that is supported by the Snapware server. With Telesnap OCS Gateway it is possible to use the OCS Communicator also with not SIP capable PBX's.

With the help of the Multi Node Connectivity of the Snapware Server multiple PBX's can be used for the OCS Communicators.


Features OCS Gateway 2009


  • The Telesnap OCS Gateway is a server application. Communication with the Microsoft OCS Server on one side and the Snapware Server on the other side
  • Mapping of the SIP protocol to the Snapware Server protocol
  • Support of multiple PBX's in one installation if a unique number plan is used


  • Dial
  • Clear a call
  • Answer a call
  • Consultation call
  • Transfer
  • Alternate call
  • 3 party conference
  • Set and clear call forwarding


  • Mapping of the OCS state to a Snapware availability state
  • Mapping of Snapware availability state to an OCS state

For more information please check the product specification in the download area.

OCS Gateway 2009

OCS Gateway