Telesnap CalendarServer

Telesnap CalendarServer

Telesnap CalendarServer - Real time connection to MsExchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell Groupwise calendar

The Telesnap CalendarServer allows a real time display of calendar entries in the Snapware/WebSnapware and PM Operator/Telesnap Attendant clients respectively.

Calendar entries can be displayed, edited, created, or deleted.

Access to Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and Novell Groupwise.


Features Telesnap CalendarServer


The Telesnap Calendar Server is a server application. The Calendar Server communicates with the groupware system on the on hand an the clients on the other hand.

Calendar functions

  • Display of the current entry in the client application
  • Open the calendar in the client application
  • Display of all calendar entries
  • Edit calendar entries
  • Creation of calendar entries
  • Support of different groupware systems (Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise) in one installation

For more information please check the product specification in the download area.

Telesnap CalendarServer

Calendar Server