Telesnap Attendant

Telesnap Attendant

Telesnap Attendant - User friendly operator console

User-friendly attendant console, advanced calendar integration and high scalability. Closely integrated with Snapware. Supports Cisco Unified CallManager.


Features Telesnap Attendant

Queues and Announcements

  • Queues configurable per operator
  • Number of waiting field configurable per queue, configurable drop target for calls above the limit
  • Service times per queue definable
  • Logon of Telesnap Attendant client may overrule the service times 
  • Announcements configurable per queue


  • Dynamic list of all waiting calls
  • Screened Transfer and Blind Transfer of calls possible
  • Status of internal extension are visible before the call is transferred
  • Configurable busy lamp field
  • Telesnap Attendant can be operated by mouse or keyboard
  • Multi subscriber capability (announcement, on screen information, drop targets definable per subscriber
  • Display of caller information (name, company, department, phone, email) and information of the transfer target, when the data can be found in an LDAP, Lotus Notes, MsOutlook/Exchange, SAP R/3, Novell Groupwise, KlickTel or ODBC database


  • Sending of a phone message per email
  • Calendar integration: access of calendars of the users


  • Integrated LDAP based phonebook, LDAP database configurable
  • Search in different databases possible
  • Search with different configurable layouts
  • Detail view with additional data (e.g. calendar or picture) for a search entry
  • Status information (free, busy, unknown) for internal extensions
  • Display of the active PM Profile for Snapware users


Statistics are available in the Snapware WebAdministration.

For more information check the product specification in the download area.

Telesnap Attendant

Telesnap Attendant