Telesnap Voicemail

Telesnap Voicemail

Telesnap VoiceMail for Cisco Unified CallManager

Telesnap VoiceMail is a voice mail solution for the Cisco Unified CallManager.

Included are voice mail boxes and optionally a user specific IVR menu (interactive Voice Response) is available (Snapware Client is required).

With the version 2009 the Telesnap VoiceMail is again officially supported.


Features Telesnap Voicemail

General functionality

  • The announcements can be configured individually. By forwarding or diverting of incoming calls to the Telesnap VoiceMail number callers will be offered to leave a voice message after announcement or - in case an IVR menu has been defined and activated by the owner of the called voice mailbox – to choose an action with telephone keys, e.g. in order to be transferred to a mobile phone of the called person.
  • It is not necessary to install a client application, thanks to direct access to voice mailbox and the configuration using the telephone user interface (TUI)
  • If the user uses a Snapware client, the PM WebAdministrator is a comfortable tool for an advanced configuration of the voice mailbox functions, like direct dialing of the voice mailbox, as well as notification of new voicemails through the Snapware team bar 

Voice Recording

  • Recording of voice messages after announcement
  • Only announcement without the option to leave a message

Voice mailboxes

  • Access to the voicemail system using a standard number (PIN)
  • Access  to recorded messages and voice mailbox configuration. The recording of individual announcements is possible through the telephone user interface (TUI), using the telephone keyboard of a DTMF capable phone

TUI - hierarchical menu with functionalities and settings:

  • Main menu: Play newly recorded messages, or already listened messages and move to the configuration menu
  • Configuration menu: Change of the standard announcement of the voice mailbox and the voice mailbox PIN
  • While playing messages, it is always possible to repeat or to delete messages, to move to the next or the last message, or to return to the main menu

Integration in Email systems

Messages recorded in the voice mailbox are sent as SMTP-email with a sound file attachment .wav format (PCM, 16 bit, 8 Khz, mono)  to a determined email address configured by the system administrator.

Integration in Snapware

  • Access to additional voice mailbox settings through the PM WebAdministrator
  • A second phone number can be assigned as an additional extension number so that when accessing voicemail system
  • A second email address can be assigned to access voice mailbox
  • Interactive Voice Menu
  • Display of all voice messages in the Snapware Journal view
  • Playing and deleting of voice messages directly over the Snapware Journal

For more information please check the product specification in the download area.

Telesnap Voicemail

Telesnap VoiceMail