Telesnap ACD

Telesnap ACD

Automatic Call Distribution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager

ACD‐Solution (ACD = Automatic Call Distribution) for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Supply of group services such as call distribution with queues and announcements


Features Telesnap ACD

Call Diversion

  • Configuration of multiple ACD workgroups with separate pilot numbers is possible
  • Simultaneous agent log on to multiple ACD groups is possible
  • Configuration of service times for each ACD group
  • Configuration of wrap up times after a call for each ACD group
  • Prioritization of ACD groups determining the importance of calls, if an agent is logged in for several workgroups
  • Queue parameter per ACD group configurable
  • Queue announcements per ACD group configurable
  • Announcement before Answering ‐ configuration of an additional announcement before call answering by an agent possible


  • The Presence Manager monitoring tool provides a real time monitoring of the logged on agents and all waiting fields
  • A graphic display gives an dynamic overview of different agent groups, the status of agents, and the waiting queues


  • Data base in MS SQL‐Server logs all ACD calls
  • Microsoft Access application (PM CD statistics) to analyze the data basis, requires at least Microsoft Access 2000

Integration in Snapware and Snapware XML

  • Agent functionality integrated
    • Agent log on/log off
    • Activating/deactivating wrap up time
    • Activating/Deactivating pause
  • The agent status (logged on/off, pause, wrap up time) is visible in the user’s Snapware Team bar and in Snapware XML – for partners also
For a complete featurelist please refer to the datasheet in the download section.

Telesnap ACD

Telesnap ACD