WebSnapware 2011, Java based CTI and Presence Management solution

CTI-Solution for numerous telecommunication platforms. Connection of the traditionally separated worlds of data processing and telecommunication, by integrating the functionality of one or more phone systems into the enterprise network.


Features WebSnapware


  • Telephony functions:
    • Call initiation by selecting from a call list, entering on the PCs key pad, or from the address book
    • Answering incoming calls
    • Consultation call
    • Transfer call
    • Three party conference
  • Two call lists with information about call type and call status as well as up to 5 configurable columns
  • Caller identification with up to five fields for the transmitted phone number, by look up in the centrally configured data bases
  • A configurable key or key combination to initiate calls from other applications, which support the Windows clipboard. Only for Windows operating systems

Team bar (Collaboration features)

  • Display of phone status for own phone and also team members' phones
  • Status display for activated call forwarding or PM Profiles for own phone and also team members’ phones
  • Start of search in address book by entering a text (no digits) in the dial field

Presence Management

  • Configuration of PM profiles with WebClient for users and administrators
  • Multiple PM profiles can be configured and/or activated simultaneously to cover different scenarios

Address Book

  • Display of LDAP directories, Lotus Notes data bases and/or Outlook contacts in the address book
  • Search functions in the directory, e.g. search for names or phone numbers
  • Direct initiation or scheduling of calls from the directory by selecting a number from the context menu

Integration into application platforms

  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • LDAP

For a complete feature list please refer to the datasheet in the download section.