Telesnap Attendant

Telesnap Attendant

User-friendly attendant console, advanced calendar integration and high scalability. Closely integrated with Snapware. Supports MiVoice 5000 and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

New features in version 2011:
  • New design of the gui
  • Handling of the Telesnap Attendants via keyboard optimized
  • Colours can be assigend to the waiting queues
  • Different attention signals per queue
  • Caller identification with the entries in the busy lamp field
  • Sending messages to more than one person
  • Sending of messages with „mailto:/“ via the local email clients
  • Journal for queues
  • Save and restore layouts
  • The administrator can copy layouts from one user to another
  • Configuration of the search pattern by the administrator
  • Configuration of the automatic search by the administrator
  • Configurable message text
  • Search of the call forwarding target by hotkey
  • Additional information in the busy lamp field
  • Favorites for the WebPanel
  • Direct transfer of calls from the queue to entries in the BLF without answering the call


Features Telesnap Attendant
Queues and Announcements
  • Queues configurable per operator
  • Number of waiting field configurable per queue, configurable drop target for calls above the limit
  • Service times per queue definable
  • Logon of Telesnap Attendant client may overrule the service times
  • Announcements configurable per queue
  • Dynamic list of all waiting calls
  • Screened Transfer and Blind Transfer of calls possible
  • Direct tranfer of calls from the waiting queues to entries in the busy lamp field
  • Status of internal extension are visible before the call is transferred
  • Configurable busy lamp field
  • Additional information in the busy lamp field per entry
  • Caller identification with entries of the busy lamp field
  • Telesnap Attendant can be operated by mouse or keyboard
  • Multi subscriber capability (announcement, on screen information, drop targets definable per subscriber
  • Display of caller information (name, company, department, phone, email) and information of the transfer target, when the data can be found in an LDAP, Lotus Notes, MsOutlook/Exchange, Novell Groupwise, KlickTel or ODBC database
  • Sending of a phone message per email
  • Sending of emails notification via the loal email client or via SMTP
  • Predefined email texts
Calendar integration

Acess of calendars of the users

  • Integrated LDAP based phonebook, LDAP database configurable
  • Search in different databases possible
  • Search with different configurable layouts
  • Detail view with additional data (e.g. calendar or picture) for a search entry
  • Configuratble detailview
  • Status information (free, busy, unknown) for internal extensions
  • Display of the active PM Profile for Snapware users

Statistics are available in the Snapware WebAdministration.

Telesnap Attendant

Telesnap Attendant