VIP Router

VIP Router

Routing of calls by A-number

Computer aided forwarding of calls.

The calls are forwarded to targets according to the sent phone number of the caller. Phone numbers are treated individually either by using the complete number or the beginning of the number.

The phone numbers are stored in a data base.


Features VIP Router


  • For all monitored phones, all received calls are checked whether the sent phone number is a VIP/Region or a non VIP/Region number
  • Non VIP/Region numbers will be diverted to the non VIP target
  • VIP/Region number will be diverted to the first configured target
  • If the first target is busy or the call is not answered during the configured time, the call is diverted to the second target. If the second target doesn't answer the call, the call is diverted to a third target
  • Variable targets are stored in an ODBC‐ or SAP‐Database (development of a function in SAP necessary)
  • For each monitored phone one database can be configured
  • Per VIP/Region number up to three targets can be defined
  • All ODBC‐Databases are stored in the main memory of the VIP‐Router at program start. The data is refreshed at configurable times
  • Fixed or variable targets for the forwarding configurable
  • Up to 500 phones can be monitored
  • Individual forwarding to up to 3 targets per VIP number
  • Individual forwarding to up to 3 targets per region number after a positive comparison from the beginning of the sent number
  • Validation of all internally forwarded calls. Not answered calls are automatically forwarded to other defined targets (a sufficient number of monitor points must be available, e.g. for one monitored phone with 3 targets 4 monitor points are needed)
  • Notification of administrators at critical error by the windows messaging service


  • Snapware Server with active PBX link
  • Support of call diversion (DivertRequest, DeflectCall or LineRedirect) via software with the CTI interface necessary
  • Monitor point on the PBX for every monitored phone and routing target necessary

VIP Router

VIP Router