Snapware 2009 - CTI and Presence Management Solution

CTI-Solution for numerous telecommunication platforms. Connection of the traditionally separated worlds of data processing and telecommunication, by integrating the functionality of one or more phone systems into the enterprise network.

New features in version 2009:

  • Support of all Aastra PBX's including Aastra 5000
  • Support of a multi TAPI service provider installation for Cisco Unified CallManager
  • JTAPI support for Cisco Unified CallManager
  • Enhanced 3rd party WebCRM button to open browser applications
  • Hold button for teambar
  • KlickTel calleridentification
  • Enhanced chat handling
  • OCS integration
  • CalendarServer integration
  • OTD search with status information
  • OTD search in different databases
  • All Telesnap services are configured with the Snapware WebAdministration

The Snapware Client 2009 SP1 is released for Microsoft Windows 7.

For Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit no Snapware TAPI bridge is available.


Features Snapware


  • Telephony functions:
    • Call initiation by selecting from a call list, entering on the PC's key pad or a graphical key pad, or by using drag and drop from other OLE-enabled applications
    • Answering incoming calls
    • Consultation call
    • Transfer call
    • Three party conference
    • Hold call
  • Journal
  • Caller identification with up to five fields for the transmitted phone number, by look up in the centrally configured data bases
  • A configurable key or key combination to initiate calls from other applications, which support the Windows clipboard

Team bar (Collaboration features)

  • Navigator for own extension with the following functions: dial, consultation call, alternate call, transfer call, conference, Close Snapware, favourite list, journal, OTD search, status display (including forwarding, PM profile, ACD states) of the own extension
  • Display of phone status for own phone and also team members' phones
  • Display of calenar entries
  • Display of OCS state
  • Status display for activated call forwarding or PM Profiles for own phone and also team members' phones
  • Status display of ACD agent states for own phone and also team members' phones for Telesnap ACD and traditional ACD solutions

Presence Management

  • Configuration of Presence Management with WebClient for users and administrators
  • Definition and execution of call forwarding rules for own extension consist of caller's phone number, date/time of call, forwarding type and forwarding targets, definition of forwarding PM profiles
  • Administrator mode: global profiles for an extension group, access to existing user profiles
  • Additional drop device if the routing target is busy

Online Telephone Directory (OTD)

  • Central, electronic phone directory, based on LDAP standard
  • Directory search functions multiple and different databases
  • Status display for internal extension
  • Direct call initiation and call scheduling from the OTD

Integration into application platforms

Integration interfaces

  • ActiveX-Control for integration of CTI functions into own applications
  • DDE for integration of CTI functions into 3rd party applications
  • TAPI service provider is part of Snapware client, which enables initiation of calls in TAPI-enabled applications
  • Access to ODBC, LDAP, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, SAP (requires separate product "Telesnap SAP Connector"), Telesnap OTD, KlickTel and Twixtel data bases
  • 3rd Party Team Bar SDK: programming interface for integration of own functions into team bar push buttons

XML (only CUCM)

Client access to Snapware server through XML protocols (XML Snapware) using a suitable Internet browser or Cisco IP-Phone 7905, 7912, 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961, or 7970.

For a complete feature list please refer to the datasheet in the download section.